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August 29
Moxibustion Elective Class in Fall 2013

Course Description:
Moxibustion is one half of what the Chinese call
針灸 zhēnjiǔ (Acupuncture-Moxibustion) yet in modern times, schools and books have emphasized acupuncture and neglected moxibustion. In this class we will explore the clinical practice of moxibustion. Besides discussing issues such as how to set up your clinic for using moxibustion, functions, safety, and nourishing life with moxibustion, we will discuss and demonstrate the many techniques, including making moxa cones, moxa sticks, and moxa floss; direct and indirect moxibustion, warm needle, medicinal application moxibustion, pressing moxibustion and suspended moxibustion. Participants will practice these techniques and we will make 紫云膏Zǐ Yún Gāo Purple Cloud Ointment in class.

August 18

Hello everyone,
This is a link to Peter Deadman on youtube – Attack of the Killer Moxa.
Please, take a look! It is VERY funny.

 August 2

Greetings From The AMU Student Council !! 

Your new representatives are Billy Wang and Stephanie Edman.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the AMU Student Website.  Check us out at website and give us your opinion on the following:

1      Should we stay on a quarterly planning schedule?
Up until now, AMU has been a quarterly system.  Every quarter, Dr. Jiang puts out a preliminary schedule and we all ask for changes and petition for the classes we need.  It has been suggested that instead of doing this every quarter; we only do this once a year.

Tell us what you think at schedule poll.

2      Mistakes in the clinic entrance exam.
 We are on it but we need your help!  Have you found a mistake in the clinic entrance exam prep?  If you have to go to Mistakes blog, make sure you put in the category, (WM, OM, HB, etc...), section, the question number, and what the mistake is. 

 3      Customize the new book store.
To make our bookstore more useful to both of student and staff, administration is considering online ordering.  Here's how it would work:

You would order the book you want on the AMU website. 
When the book is in you may pick it up and pay for it at the bookstore.  

 Tell us what you think at online ordering poll.

And finally, a big thanks you to:

Billy Wang – for making an awesome website
Dr. Lorraine Wilcox – for two amazing Moxa Club Seminars
Yvonne Zhuang – for translating the Moxa Club announcements into Chinese

Please enjoy your new student website and thank you for letting us be of service.  


Billy & Stef

July 26
 The next two clinic entrance exam dates are:
  • Saturday August 17th, 2013 at 10 am
  • Saturday November 16th, 2013 at 10 am
Study guide and application form are available in the office.

July 23
AMU student unofficial website was just created. Site features include blog and forums.
The site is still in testing period. Please feel free to give it a try and give us some feedback. Thanks!

July 15

AMU is glad to welcome our new University Registrar, ALAN LIU.
Please contact Alan if you have any questions regarding your student records.
Alan's contact:
Ext. 111
E-mail: aliu@amuedu.com


July 14
AMU's Moxa Club
天 灸 Heavenly Moxibustion: Moxa Club(19 photos)
Heavenly moxibustion and medicinal application moxibustion mean applying herbs (in various form) to acu-moxa points. No fire is used. These are some typical 三伏灸 San Fu Moxibustion points. .

Useful Link: